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Servicing Information

We recommend that diving equipment such as BCD’s and regulators are serviced annually.

Other equipment such as fins, masks or wetsuits do not require regular servicing beyond the usual post dive maintenance and checking for wear on items such as straps or buckles.

Breathing air cylinders for scuba diving require testing at prescribed periods. Cylinders should have an hydrostatic test done every 5 years, with a visual inspection in between at the 2 1/2 year point. These have to be carried out by a qualified service engineer who will stamp your cylinder with the date and type of test that was carried out.

If your cylinder is used for Nitrox above the 25% O2 level or if you require a Nitrox fill using partial pressure blending then your cylinder will also require an O2 clean.

Please note that we will not fill any cylinder that is not within the prescribed testing dates as indicated by the date stamp.

Dive computers do not require periodic servicing. However batteries do run out which should be indicated by your computer. Certain models of computer require a pressure test to be made after a battery is replaced.

Servicing Prices


Hydrostatic test£50.00
Visual inspection£47.00
Oxygen cleaning£30.00
Cylinder blasting£25.00


Full regulator service ( first stage, second stages, lpi clean and gauge clean)
Second stages each £25.00
first stage only £40.00


BCD with standard low pressure inflator£30.00


Dive computer battery change (for computers where a pressure test is required)£45.00
mares computers that require pressure test £40.00
Dive computer battery change (where pressure test is not required)£30.00
Dry Suit cuff seal (latex)£30.00 per seal
Dry Suit neck seal (latex)£50.00